Pasar Minggu Satok

Kuching Tour.

Sunday Market at Satok

The Sunday Market comes alive beginning Saturday afternoon and runs until Sunday afternoon. The market is so huge that it might break your legs to walk to every corner of this market. It is divided into many sections such as food, fruits, vegetables, fishes (salted terubok fish is sold here), potted plants, jungle produce, including wild honey, pets, bundle clothing, magazines and even toys.

Doomsday Online Game.

End of the World Scenarios

More guns, bigger better levels, more bad guys, and more fun! Kill a number of guys to get to the next level.

Doomsday is arriving, terrifying battle awaits as human will struggle for survival. The mission against terror will still going to be the utmost priority for human, however, it will not only be against themselves. The Undead will come for blood with everything that they have got. The battle will no longer be about being victorious as it will solely be about surviving the excruciating waves of the Undead from every direction. In order to increase the chances of surviving, players must recognize the different types of the Undead as each type possess different skills and durability.